Engineering Communication Program

Successful engineers use communication to transform ideas into action. Their effectiveness at solving problems and driving innovation comes from their ability to communicate clearly and confidently.

The Engineering Communication Program in the George R. Brown School of Engineering provides students with the opportunity to develop communication skills through a series of programs, coaching, course support, and courses.


Communication workshops are offered throughout the year on topics such as presenting to industry, handling Q&A, and interpersonal relations.

Writing Studio guides graduate students through the process of drafting a journal article or a conference paper in eight weeks. As a studio participant, you will join a community of writers and receive timely feedback from faculty and peers, which will improve the quality of your writing and accelerate your productivity. 

Activate Leaders in Communication runs weekly meetings to practice communication and develop group facilitation and leadership skills to build your confidence in and out of the lab.

Innovation & Coaching

Pitch Coaching to Industry gives job-seekers and entrepreneurs the skills to present research and ideas persuasively at industry events and investment meetings. To schedule a pitch coaching session, contact Chris Lipp.

Peer Coaching prepares you to give in-class presentations, draft posters, and deliver design talks in your engineering courses. Coaching can vastly improve the communication of your project. To get coached on your upcoming project, contact Christina Rincon.

Faculty Support

Course design provides faculty the opportunity to develop syllabi and assignments that enhance communication skills through course content.

Guest lectures teach communication skills required to succeed in projects involving writing and presentations.

Peer coaching offers students individual support for course projects during the semester from expert students.

Faculty development provides workshops and coaching on how to deliver feedback, promote clear interpersonal communication, and encourage mentorship in the lab.


Communication courses are designed specifically to support your professional development. Current courses include:

  • ENGI 501: Workplace Communication

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Director of Engineering Communications Program

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