2024 Rice Engineering Magazine Cover

The spring 2024 issue of Rice Engineering Magazine is here!

At Rice Engineering, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to responsible engineering practices. It’s with great excitement that we unveil the new design of Rice Engineering magazine, which underscores our dedication to excellence in research, education, and service. The 2023-24 issue is full of news about how Rice Engineering is solving for greater good.





Luay Nakhleh

From the Dean

Our mission of “Solving for Greater Good” addresses global challenges while prioritizing responsible engineering practices.

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Transition to Zero

Transition to Zero

Achieving net-zero emissions is a technological challenge requiring sweeping innovation. Learn how Rice engineers are making a difference.

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Sensational Science

Sensation(al) Science

Rice researchers develop wearable, textile-based devices and robotic systems for use in rehabilitation, training and virtual reality.

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In the Hedges

In the news

Rice Advanced Materials Institute Drives a Greener Future

The institute integrates materials science, chemistry, physics and more to revolutionize energy systems, manufacturing, and beyond.

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Latest News Headlines

Read the latest news about our technology partnership with Woodside Energy, $65 million in funding for NEST360 and the launch of Rice's WaTER Institute.

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State of the school

State of the School

The school continues to experience growth, with enrollment increasing by 2.5% for undergraduates and 10% for graduate students over the past five years. 

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Rice Engineering remembers esteemed faculty

Rice Engineering Remembers Esteemed Faculty

The engineering community remembers faculty whose contributions shaped the university’s academic landscape.

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Rice in the world

Rice in the World

Explore Rice Engineering's global partnerships spanning six continents and the collaborations that empower the next generation of engineers.

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Biotech Launch Pad Accelerator Fast-tracks Health Discoveries

The university’s first large-scale initiative helps advance internally discovered platform technologies from concept to commercialization.

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In the News

Five Stories that Excite Us

Engineering innovation is happening all around us. Check out these five stories – from Houston and beyond.

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New Faculty

Twenty-one new hires spanning all nine departments further establish the school’s prominence in its key research areas.

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Ideas + Research

Equity and Innovation

Equity and Innovation: Engineering for All

The interdisciplinary research of faculty and students leads to solutions that promote equity for communities worldwide. 

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OEDK Design Winners

OEDK: 15 Years of Design Innovation

Rice's hub of undergraduate engineering innovation enables students to collaborate across disciplines to impact society. 

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Rice engineers are engaged in AI through various initiatives, from coursework to research to national and international collaborations.

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People + Perspectives

Power of prediction

In Their Own Words

Hear from Frederi Viens, professor of statistics, about the power of prediction.

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Paint positive

Paint Positive

The People’s CO2, a startup offering carbon-capturing paint, brings non-scientists into the fight against climate change.

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Lane Martin

5 Questions for Lane Martin

Get to know the Director of the Rice Advanced Materials Institute.

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Jim Pyke

Rice Engineering Alumni Report

Get an update from Jim Pyke, REA President, on the group’s accomplishments from 2023-2024.

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See Through Their Eyes

SEE through Their Eyes

Read success stories from students who participated in Rice Engineering Alumni’s Summer Engineering Experience.

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Rice Engineering Awards

Rice Engineering Alumni Awards

Celebrate alumni for their achievements in engineering.

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The Way Back

The Way Back Question


Alums, faculty, and students share their perspectives on engineering innovation.

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Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking Back/Looking Forward

Look back at the first women graduates from Rice Engineering and learn how women’s presence is felt across the school today.

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