Solving for Greater Good

At Rice Engineering, we work at the intersection of some of today’s most important issues and interesting challenges. We bring together world-class engineers in an intimate environment that favors collaboration over competition. Our goal? To find pathbreaking solutions to local and global challenges in ways that are more equitable, more responsible, and more sustainable. By harnessing our strengths, working together, and always imagining the unintended consequences of our efforts, we’re not just tackling tough engineering problems, we’re solving for greater good.


Engineering News

Six international Fulbright students share how EPMP nurtures their career aspirations in a culturally rich environment.

Marina Vannucci, Noah Harding Professor of Statistics, has co-edited, contributed to Statistical Methods in Epilepsy.

Interdisciplinary team to explore applications of carbon nanotube materials for improved heat exchange.

M.D./Ph.D. dual-degree student recognized for device that rapidly identifies high-affinity anti-tumor cells.


Featured Events

Energy HPC conference

March 5-7

Ken Kennedy Institute 17th Annual Energy HPC Conference

The annual forum covers developments at the interface of energy, IT, and the academic research community.

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future faculty fellows

March 20 | 10 am

Future Faculty Fellows Application: Virtual Q&A

The virtual Q&A will review the 2024-25 application process for School of Engineering PhD students and Postdocs applying for the Future Faculty Fellowship.

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OEDK Design Showcase

April 11 | 4:30 pm

2024 Engineering Design Showcase

The Harrell and Carolyn Huff OEDK showcase and competition highlights many of the school’s engineering design projects and represent our students’ success.

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