Centers, Institutes & Labs

Centers and Institutes in Engineering

Research Labs and Groups by Department


  • Laboratory of Biomolecular Engineering and Nanomedicine
  • Macromolecular Systems Bioengineering Group
  • Deem Group
  • Optical Molecular Imaging and Nanobiotechnology Group
  • Integrative Matrix Mechanics Lab
  • Cellular Systems Dynamics Lab
  • Pediatric Cardiovascular Bioengineering Lab
  • Jianpeng Ma Lab
  • Mikos Research Group
  • Physiologic Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials Lab
  • Moake Laboratory in Hematological Research
  • Systems Biology Lab
  • Membrane and Auditory Bioengineering Group
  • Optical Spectroscopy & Imaging Laboratory
  • Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Synthetic Virology Laboratory
  • Tabor Lab
  • Modern Optical Instrumentation and Bio-imaging Lab
  • Nucleic Acid Bioengineering Lab
  • Rice Systems and Synthetic Biology Group
  • Laboratory for Noninvasive Neuroengineering

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Catalysis and Nanomaterials Laboratory
  • Biswal Lab
  • Chapman Research Group
  • Metabolic Engineering and Biomanufacturing Lab
  • Consortium for Processes in Porous Media
  • Systems Biology of Human Diseases Lab
  • Pasquali Research Group
  • Cell and Protein Engineering Laboratory
  • Vargas Research Laboratory

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Cohan Research Group
  • Duenas-Osorio Research Group
  • Griffin Lab
  • Qilin’s Research Group
  • Nagarajaiah Research Group
  • Padgett Research Group
  • Multiscale Materials Laboratory

Computational and Applied Mathematics

  • Geo-Mathematical Imaging Group
  • Rice Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Computational Science
  • The Rice Inversion Project

Computer Science

  • Computer-aided Programming @ Rice
  • Jermaine Research Group
  • Kavraki Lab
  • Habanero Extreme Scale Software Research Project
  • Rice Computer Security Lab

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Rice Integrated Systems and Circuits Lab
  • Halas Nanophotonics Group
  • Laboratory for Nanophotonics
  • Realtime Neural Engineering
  • Rice Networks Group
  • Kono Laboratory
  • Luan Laboratory of Integrative Neural Interface
  • Nanoscale Neural Interface Laboratory
  • Robinson Lab
  • Thomann Group
  • Rice Laser Science Group
  • Rice Efficient Computing Group

Materials Science and NanoEngineering

  • Ajayan Research Group
  • Lou Group
  • Mesoscale Materials Modeling Group
  • Thomas Research Group
  • Yakobson Research Group

Mechanical Engineering

  • Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group
  • Energy Systems Lab
  • Heat Transfer and Containerless Processing Lab
  • Meade Research Group
  • Mechadynamics Lab
  • Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces Lab
  • Particle Flow and Tribology Laboratory
  • Preston Innovation Lab
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab
  • Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling