Research Focus Areas


& Medicine

For more than half a century, since researchers at Rice University helped design the world’s first artificial heart, Rice engineers have worked in the vanguard of human health and medicine. Learn more about Engineering & Medicine.

Molecular Nanotechnology
& Materials

Materials science at Rice has a history of discovery and innovation, going back to the discovery of buckyballs in 1985. Learn more about Molecular Nanotechnology and Materials.

Energy &
the Environment

At the epicenter of the world’s oil and gas industry, Rice engineers are designing and implementing solutions to the world’s growing energy needs. Learn more about Energy & the Environment.


Artificial intelligence (AI) at Rice University draws on computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and other disciplines. Learn more about Future Computing.

Cities of
the Future

By 2050, according to the United Nations, 68 percent of the human race will live in urban areas, representing an additional 2.5 billion people. Learn more about Cities of the Future.