Undergraduate Advising

Advising Booklet

This Advising Booklet is intended to give first-year undergraduate engineering students an overview of the undergraduate degree programs in the School of Engineering. It includes some general advice and contact information along with degree summaries and sample degree plans for each engineering degree. The degree summaries and sample plans will help you compare majors and provide a starting point for mapping out your own course schedule.

Note: The booklet is intended as a supplement to, not a replacement for, other department advising materials. Although we have worked hard to make this booklet as accurate as possible, the information in the General Announcements is the final authority on degree requirements and academic regulations at Rice.

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Past Issues

Major Advisors


  • Sabia Abidi,, B24 Ryon Engineering Laboratories
  • Bilal Ghosn,, 231 BioScience Research Collaborative
  • James Long,
  • Renata Ramos,, 1016 Duncan Hall
  • Robert Raphael,, 719 BioScience Research Collaborative
  • Laura Segatori,, 313 BioScience Research Collaborative

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Walter Chapman B07 Herman Brown Hall
  • Ken Cox 2082 Duncan Hall
  • Amanda Marciel 231 Space Science & Technology
  • Gerry McGlamery 2087 Duncan Hall
  • Tom Senftle 219 Space Science & Technology
  • Ross Thyer 617 BioScience Research Collaborative
  • Kyriacos Zygourakis W200J George R. Brown Hall

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Phillip Bedient 116 Keck Hall
  • Jamie Padgett 213 Ryon Engineering Laboratories
  • Leonardo Duenas-Osorio 212 Ryon Engineering Laboratories

Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research

  • Jesse Chan 3023 Duncan Hall
  • Andrew Schaefer 2036 Duncan Hall

Computer Science

  • Risa Myers (Aa - Bz),, 2062 Duncan Hall
  • Rodrigo Ferreira (Ca - Da),, 3052 Duncan Hall
  • Scott Cutler (Db - Gz),, No Office
  • David B. Johnson (Ha - Ka),, 3007 Duncan Hall
  • Tasos Kyrillidis (Kb-Le),, 3119 Duncan Hall
  • Rebecca Schreib (Lf - Mz),, 2064 Duncan Hall
  • Stephen Wong (Na - Qz),, 3102 Duncan Hall
  • Todd Treangan (Ra - Si),, 3099 Duncan Hall
  • Alan Cox (Sj - Wh),, 3009 Duncan Hall
  • Devika Subramanian (Wi - Zz),, 3094 Duncan Hall

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Joseph Cavallaro 3042 Duncan Hall
  • Caleb Kemere 971 BioScience Research Collaborative
  • Santiago Segarra 2047 Duncan Hall
  • John Seymour 876 BioScience Research Collaborative
  • Ray Simar 2099 Duncan Hall
  • Peter Varman 2022 Duncan Hall
  • Gary Woods 2097 Duncan Hall

Materials Science and NanoEngineering

  • Yimo Han E208 George R. Brown Hall
  • Hanyu Zhu E200J George R. Brown Hall

Mechanical Engineering

  • Peter Lillehoj 675 Bioscience Research Collaborative
  • David Trevas 3129 Duncan Hall


  • Elizabeth McGuffey 111 Maxfield Hall

Divisional Advisors

Divisional advisors are faculty associates of a residential college who are selected and engaged by College Magisters and the OAA to provide academic advising to students prior to declaring a major.

Visit the Office of Academic Advising website to find your divisional advisor.

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