Majors & Minors

Our undergraduate programs in the George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University prepare technically strong students and provides them with communication and critical thinking skills to help them succeed in professional and academic settings. Our degree programs offer hands-on opportunities and innovative strategies that prepare students to identify and solve real-world challenges.

Along with our majors and minors, Rice Engineering offers an array of opportunities to add to the undergraduate experience outside the classroom and even abroad through clubs, programs, events, and more. Learn more about all our undergraduate programs and opportunities.

Engineering Majors

With more than 1,400 students, engineering students make up 36% of all Rice undergraduates. At Rice, students can choose from 18 Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs across our nine top-ranked engineering departments.

Engineering Minors

At Rice University, 25% of undergraduate students minor in one of these engineering-related areas:


For an example of what courses a student would take to earn these degrees, visit Advising.

Undergraduate Research in Engineering

At Rice Engineering, Owls do research. We are proud to offer broad-reaching and world-changing opportunities for undergraduate research experience. Get involved early and explore beyond your focus!

Learn more about getting started with your undergraduate engineering research.

Resources for Engineering Undergraduates

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