About the Program

The Future Faculty Fellows (FFF) program in Rice’s George R. Brown School of Engineering is designed to help PhD students and postdocs explore the tenure track academic career path, compete successfully for tenure track faculty positions, and launch their careers. The program is divided into three levels, corresponding with readiness to apply for tenure track faculty positions.

Level 1: Engagement

All Rice Engineering PhD students and postdocs can attend these events to engage with the idea of pursuing a career in academia as tenure track faculty. Level 1 fellows can learn more about careers in academia through workshops and panels such as Faculty Life and Benefits of a Career in Academia.

Level 2: Preparation

All Rice Engineering PhD and postdocs can attend these events to prepare for applying for tenure track faculty positions in 1 to 2 years. Level 2 participants who are interested in nominating themselves for a Level 3 Future Faculty Fellowship position should review the application process and complete the requirements below to qualify: 

  • Complete the virtual and self-paced TA Training on Canvas. For access, email us at
  • Attend Workshop: Academic Networking
  • Attend Workshop: Hiring Priorities and Cover Letter

Level 3: Application 

Rice Engineering PhD and postdocs who are applying for tenure track faculty positions during the fall semester can apply to be Level 3 Future Faculty Fellows. Level 3 includes one-on-one consultations with the School of Engineering Communications faculty and workshops focused on job applications (fall) and preparing for faculty positions (spring). 

Space is limited and application is required.