How to Apply to Level 3

Rice Engineering invites Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows who are applying for faculty positions in the upcoming fall semester to apply to become a Level 3 Future Faculty Fellow.

Level 3 Future Faculty Fellows participate in tailored events and mentoring opportunities to support their faculty position application process. Fellows who are accepted into Level 3 of the program will also receive a stipend to support travel.


To be considered, candidates must be applying for tenure-track faculty positions during the fall semester of the year they are applying for. Applicants are encouraged to complete the following before applying:

  • Complete the virtual and self-paced TA Training on Canvas. For access, email us at
  • Attend Workshop: Academic Networking
  • Attend Workshop: Hiring Priorities and Cover Letter

Application Requirements

To apply for the Level 3 Future Faculty Fellowship, complete the online application and submit the following information with your application:

  • Identify a job market mentor (T/TT faculty at Rice, may be different from research mentor)
  • CV
  • Research Statement (1 page maximum). The research statement should be a draft version of the statement that you will submit when applying for faculty positions. It should include:
    • Introduction and motivation:
      • What question(s) you set out to answer?
    • Research accomplishments / current work
      • Provide a summary of your research.
      • List major findings, outcomes, and implications
      • Provide context/relevance/significance of your research. Why is your research important within your field?
    • Vision/future work
      • What direction will your research follow logically from what you have done?
      • What new questions do you have?
      • State ways in which your research will be unique, significant, and innovative (and easy to fund).
  • Future In Academia Statement (1 page maximum). In your statement, please indicate:
    • What distinguishes you as a competitive candidate for a faculty position?
    • Why do you wish to pursue academia?
    • How have you prepared to pursue academia?
    • How will this program help you reach your goals?
  • Unofficial Academic Transcript (PhD students only)

Applications Open April 2024.

Do you have questions regarding the application process? Email Marci Wilson.