Future Faculty Fellows Program

Please check back NOV 2021 for updated program details

The George R. Brown School of Engineering’s Future Faculty Fellows program is an enrichment program designed to support PhD and postdoctoral scholars build pathways to academic careers as tenure-track faculty. The program is intended to coach Rice Engineering students through the process of applying and interviewing for faculty positions.

Fellows receive support in preparing all elements of the faculty application and interview (written statements: research, teaching, diversity; curriculum vitae; faculty interview presentation; and faculty interview).

Program Elements

  1. Individual coaching to prepare written statements, CV, and faculty interview presentation
  2. Mock faculty interviews with the dean of engineering and department chair
  3. Workshops that explore the keys to securing a faculty position
  4. Guest lecture and a seminar presentation for fellows to received feedback on content delivery


An eligible candidate for the Future Faculty Fellows program is either:

  • Engineering PhD student in final year (expected graduation no later than 2021)
    • Completed all course requirements, successfully passed the qualifying exam, be an official PhD candidate
  • Postdoctoral scholar working for an engineering faculty member

Future Faculty Fellows must have interest in pursuing academic careers as faculty members at colleges or universities. Because the program is designed to build pathways to tenure-track faculty positions, PhD students are encouraged to apply when they are ready to start preparing for the faculty job search. For PhD students who intend to do a post-doc prior to becoming faculty, it’s important to note that while aspects of the program also support the post-doc interview process (e.g., presentation and interview skills), the program holds a central focus on the tenure-track faculty job search and interview process.

Student eligibility requires advisor approval.

How to Apply

A complete application for the Future Faculty Fellows program includes the following:

  • Cover page: full name, email address, net ID, department, year in program (list PhD or postdoc), all degrees received (with degree date), expected graduation date (or departure date for post-docs), academic year in which you will be applying for faculty positions, research advisor’s name and department, guest lecture course number and instructor name
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Academic transcript
  • Career Aspiration Statement describing overall career goals and your interest in becoming a faculty member at a college or university (2 page limit)
  • Confirmation of support from your research advisor indicating support of your participation in the FFF program and the guest lecture instructor indicating that arrangements have been made for you to guest lecture. (These should be a brief email to the program director indicating support. Extended letters of recommendation are not required.)
  • Note: All document files must be named as follows: last name_first name_document_title


Applications submitted no later than September 10, 2020.


Any program applicant is invited to attend the workshops, regardless of whether or not selected as a Fellow