Future Faculty Fellows Program

The Future Faculty Fellows (FFF) Program in Rice's George R. Brown School of Engineering is designed to help graduate students and postdocs explore the tenure track academic career path, compete successfully for tenure track faculty positions, and launch their careers.

Application for Level 3 Fellows

The Future Faculty Fellows application for Level 3 Fellows is open for the 2022-23 academic year.

PhD students and postdoctoral fellows who are applying for faculty positions this year will need to submit their FFF applications by July 1 at 11:59pm to be considered.

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    About the Program

    Program Goals

    The Future Faculty Fellows Program will help participants:

    1. Understand the range of faculty opportunities available and identify which ones align with their career goals
    2. Network with other students and faculty across campus
    3. Develop an understanding of the faculty hiring process
    4. Develop skills and materials to apply and interview for faculty positions
    5. Become aware of and understand the skills and resources needed to transition successfully into a faculty position

    Program Structure

    The program is divided into three levels. View the FFF calendar and timeline [PDF].

    1. Engagement: graduate students, early career
    2. Preparation: graduate students applying for faculty positions in 1 to 2 years
    3. Application: graduate students and postdocs applying for faculty positions in the current cycle

    Level 1: Engagement Program

    • Workshops and networking events are open to all doctoral and postdoctoral engineering students and fellows.

    View the Level 1 calendar and timeline [PDF].

    Level 2: Preparation Program

    • Workshops and networking events are open to all engineering doctoral students who are considering applying for faculty positions in 1 to 2 years.
    • Participants interested in continuing to Level 3: Application Program should complete the requirements below to qualify:
      • TA training (virtual, self-paced): for access, email us at
      • Workshop: Academic Networking - small group [Summer]
      • Workshop: Hiring Priorities & Cover Letters [Summer]

    View the Level 2 calendar and timeline [PDF].

    Level 3: Application Program [FFF Level]

    • Nominated by department chairs, FFF program directors. Self-nominations from students who have completed Level 2 will be accepted.
    • Applicants must identify a job market mentor (TT faculty at Rice) prior to applying.
    • 5 to 8 fellows will be selected annually
    • A stipend will be provided to support travel ($1,000)
    • In addition to one-on-one consultations with School of Engineering communications faculty, FFF training activities will focus on (a) job applications in the fall and (b) preparing for faculty positions in spring
      • Job Application Workshops and Panels
      • Preparing for Faculty Positions

    View the Level 3 calendar and timeline [PDF].


    Teaching Opportunities ranging from several lectures to a full course following School of Engineering policy might be available for FFF following Graduate Students as Instructors of Record and university policy (SACSCOC). These opportunities will be identified by the fellow in collaboration with the academic department chair.