Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s curriculum changes, alumni information, faculty development or questions about social media, this page has contact information for leadership in the Office of the Dean for answers on common questions of faculty and staff.


Contact: Marcia O’Malley, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation,

  • What are the school’s research priorities?
  • Where do I learn about funding opportunities, both internal and external?
  • What support is available in preparing and submitting proposals?
  • Where can I find Rice’s policies related to research activities?
Academic Affairs

Contact: Renata Ramos, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,

  • What is the process to modify a program’s curriculum?
  • Can graduate students be instructors of record?
  • How do we create a new course?
  • When do new courses need to be created?
  • What are the application requirements and deadlines for engineering awards?
  • Can engineering student clubs and/or individual students receive support for extracurricular activities?
  • What events are available for prospective students interested in Rice Engineering?
  • What resources are there for engineering students interested in study abroad?
  • What is the Future Faculty Fellows program? What are the engineering events for orientation week?
  • How do we modify or obtain copies of the advising materials for new engineering students?
  • How can undergraduate and graduate students receive credit for summer internships?
  • Can students receive credit for internships completed during the semester?
  • Can they receive credit for research or academic internships?
  • Is there a course that helps students understand the various curricular and professional opportunities within our engineering majors?
  • How can we communicate job/research/professional development opportunities to engineering students?
  • How can we advertise new courses or programs within the School of Engineering?
Faculty Development

Contact, Tenure & Tenure Track: Sibani Lisa Biswal, Associate Dean for Faculty Development,

  • Issues related to tenure and tenure-track (TT) faculty recruitment?
  • What are the details for new TT faculty orientation and mentoring?
  • Who do I ask about concerns and conflicts related to TT faculty university-related duties and responsibilities?

Contact, Non-tenure Track: Renata Ramos, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,

  • Is there a School of Engineering new NTT faculty orientation?
  • What are the options for NTT faculty members who would like to be more involved in university service?
  • How does the School of Engineering train and evaluate TAs?
  • Who is responsible for the teaching evaluation of NTT faculty?

Contact: Katie Donovan, Associate Director of Development,

  • How do I start an endowed fund?
  • How can I connect with the Rice Engineering Alumni (REA)?
  • How do I start an alumni advisory board/committee?
  • How do I request information about alumni?

Learn more about Development.

Marketing & Communications

Contact: Jada Crawford, Director of Communications,

Our Marketing & Communications team is responsible for telling the story of Rice Engineering. From graphic design to news stories and website updates to photography, their staff is here to help.

Learn more about how to request their services.

  • How do I suggest a story to be promoted or pitched to the media?
  • How do I request a graphic design project?
  • How do I share an alumni story?
  • How do I request a headshot?
  • How do I request event photography?
  • How do I request a content edit to our website?
  • How do I create a new webpage on a department website?
  • Am I able to request a new or redesigned website for my research group?
  • Who do I contact if I have an idea for a video?
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about social media?
  • How do I request Rice Engineering marketing swag for an event?
  • Is there a Rice Engineering-branded PowerPoint template?