Solving for Greater Good

At Rice Engineering, we work at the intersection of some of today’s most important issues and interesting challenges. We bring together world-class engineers in an intimate environment that favors collaboration over competition. Our goal? To find pathbreaking solutions to local and global challenges in ways that are more equitable, more responsible, and more sustainable. By harnessing our strengths, working together, and always imagining the unintended consequences of our efforts, we’re not just tackling tough engineering problems, we’re solving for greater good.


Engineering News

Alessandro Alabastri to research thermal radiation, with applications in surveillance and reconnaissance.

Team presents a winning business plan for commercializing Rice-made energy technology.

New major gives new opportunities to students and showcases Rice Engineering’s commitment to sustainability.

Conference brings a close-knit community of mathematicians, testing ground for new ideas.


Featured Events

Menachem Elimelech

April 15 | 3:30 pm

Rice WaTER Institute Distinguished Speaker Series

Join us for a lecture by Menachem Elimelech on next-generation desalination and water purification membranes

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April 17

2024 D2K Spring Showcase

Explore D2K students’ end-of-semester projects and celebrate the impact they are making on data science.

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CoFES Eubank Conference

April 22

Eubank Conference on Real World Markets

Join Center for Computational Finance and Economic Systems (CoFES) to explore emerging trends in real estate investment and housing.

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