Engineering Design

The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK) provides a space for undergraduate majors to design, prototype and deploy solutions to real-world engineering challenges.

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O-Week FAQs

Why should I pursue the minor in Engineering Design (EDES)?

Students who are interested in solving real-world engineering design challenges that are posed by clients and community partners throughout their undergraduate years should consider the minor. Projects and solutions range from physical products to computational models.

What do students do when they graduate with a minor in EDES?

Our graduates pursue a wide range of opportunities upon graduation. While some move into graduate masters, professional and PhD programs, a vast majority of graduates with the EDES minor go to industry. Specifically, we regularly see our graduates accepted to top industry leadership training programs at companies such as GE Healthcare, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Whirlpool, SpaceX, and many others. We find that successfully completing engineering design projects is an excellent way to demonstrate skills as an engineer beyond problem set and test based courses.

If I am considering this major, what classes should I take this year

Ideally, you would complete ENGI 120 in either the fall or spring semester. It is, however, possible to complete the minor by taking ENGI 220 - the equivalent course but for sophomores.

Why should I take Introduction to Engineering Design (ENGI 120)?

In your freshman year as an engineer, you take many technically challenging courses. ENGI 120 is an additional challenging course that will allow you to use your technical skills as an engineer to solve real-world challenges. You will work in a small team with mentoring from upperclassmen and faculty. You will be exposed to different facets of engineering in a very practical manner - allowing you to evaluate which major may be the best fit for you. Students regularly report that while ENGI 120 was one of their most challenging courses it was one of their best. It is a challenge but you will be supported as you tackle this endeavor.

What do I do if I cannot get into the ENGI 120 course this semester?

ENGI 120 is taught both semesters so do not worry you can register next semester.

What kind of design and internship opportunities are available to your students?

Students who complete ENGI 120 have the opportunity to apply for our OEDK summer SEED (Summer Experience in Engineering Design) program. This is an 8 week-long technical summer internship usually between freshmen and sophomore years where teams of students work on more technically complex engineering design efforts.

What extracurricular activities or projects do students in your program normally participate in?

Many students work at the OEDK as Lab Assistants or participate in summer internships. Clubs that focus on engineering design efforts also use the OEDK.

What do classes in OEDK normally look like?

Hands-on engineering problem solving. Students have a lot of autonomy in developing their own solutions to their team’s unique problem. Often a client or community partner is ready to use your team’s solution if it is professional enough!

How do OEDK courses complement my major?

Any of the engineering majors will be complemented by participation in OEDK courses. For majors where engineers often build products or structures such as BIOE, ECE, MECH, and CEVE, the OEDK allows building of a skill set that aligns nicely with the major. For computationally focused majors or majors where design efforts are often process or chemical oriented such as CS, CAAM, STAT, MSNE, and CHBE, students gain an additional skill set that sets them apart from their peers. Students from all majors in engineering participate in OEDK courses.

Are there any other things I should know about OEDK, ENGI 120 and EDES?

We are eager to have you learning and working with us! Do not hesitate to contact OEDK faculty Dr. Hunter ( or Dr. Oden ( if you have any questions.