Rice Engineering faculty hold editorial positions

More than 60 faculty members in the George R. Brown School of Engineering...



More than 60 faculty members in the George R. Brown School of Engineering serve in editorial positions at peer-reviewed academic journals, an accomplishment Daniel Kowal describes as “a net positive for the field.”

Kowal, the Dobelman Family Assistant Professor of Statistics, who joined the Rice faculty in 2017, serves on the editorial staffs of two journals:

“Service in editorial positions is a chance to shape the field and reform the publishing process. In my field it’s common to review more papers than you write, so it’s a significant responsibility and opportunity. When I go through a frustrating review process for my own work, one of my coping strategies is to dive right into editorial responsibilities and give the most thoughtful and respectful review that I can.”

Luay Nakhleh echoed Kowal’s emphasis on scholarly service to the discipline.

“Service to the research community is an important responsibility, and holding editorial positions on peer-reviewed journals is an example of such service. Such positions are a testament to the international reputation of our faculty,” said Nakhleh, William and Stephanie Sick Dean of engineering and professor of computer science and bioengineering.

“It’s definitely service,” said Marcia O’Malley, department chair and Thomas Michael Panos Family Professor in Mechanical Engineering, “but it’s also a recognition of your expertise to be asked to serve, and an honor and privilege to be trusted with this job of directing the peer-review process in your field.”

Here is a list of the Rice engineering faculty members who currently hold editorial positions at peer-reviewed journals:

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research
Computer Science
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Materials Science and Nanoengineering
Mechanical Engineering