Getting Started with Undergraduate Research

Whether you are interested in getting involved in research and design right away or want to understand what research is before jumping in, the new Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) is here to support you! OURI's Getting Started Checklist will get you connected to our resources, events and opportunities across the campus and beyond our hedges. 

Ways to Connect

Here are some additional ways to research opportunities specific to engineering and preferred ways to connect with faculty & labs:

  • Explore the lab groups associated with your interests or degree
  • Explore other faculty or entities tied to the research projects the labs are involved in
  • Review faculty and group member publications in areas of interest
  • Explore the funding entities (government or industry) to learn more about the relationships between the research and issues they are trying to resolve
  • Visit the OURI website for information on how to secure a position

Research Opportunities 

When inquiring about a specific opportunity:

  • Treat any request as a job opportunity –be concise in your language and interests, professional in your correspondence and helpful to ease their ability to quickly respond.
  • Highlight your interests and experience and how it may align or how your strengths might benefit the research
  • Provide windows of time that are available for the research lead/faculty to quickly check against their calendar.
  • Offer to discuss briefly or, if easier, meet them at their office.
  • Let them know you will follow up and when to firm details  

By Department

Looking for a research opportunity within your department or want to inquire about getting credit toward your degree? Learn more about research opportunities by department.

Peer Research Ambassadors

The OURI Peer Research Ambassadors are Rice undergraduate students who have engaged in research, design and creative work and want to help other Owls get involved. Ambassadors host office hours and attend OURI workshops and events in order to share information specific to their academic schools, including the ambassadors for engineering:

Request an individual meeting with a PRA here.

Office hours (Stop by Fondren 514 and ask any quick questions)

If you are interested in meeting with an ambassador outside of office hours, complete OURI's request form.