Culture & Operations

Goal 3

We will work to ensure that administrative effectiveness, interdisciplinary collaboration and diversity serve as core tenets for the School of Engineering.

We will make administrative effectiveness a key value across all units in the School of Engineering. We will align administrative support with the research and educational mission of the School of Engineering to encourage staff to help faculty achieve maximum productivity and improve the student experience. We will make diversity an integral part of our identity through recruiting and retaining a diverse population of students, faculty and staff. We will celebrate our successes by developing school-level awards programs to recognize excellence among faculty, staff and students, putting in place processes to increase the number of faculty and students nominated for prestigious national and international awards, and launching a public relations campaign to enhance the visibility of our students, faculty and programs.

Objective 3.1

We will continue to strengthen our interdisciplinary collaboration in strategic areas with the various schools at Rice. We will develop new interdisciplinary programs across schools to achieve our ambitious research and education goals. We will work closely with the various institutes and make certain they are central to the research and teaching mission.

Objective 3.2

We will operate an efficient and effective school. We will engage staff experts to develop effective and efficient procedures, equip staff through training on core competencies, and enable them to develop shared toolkits within sub-areas and across departments.

Objective 3.3

We will work with central administration to enhance infrastructure, policies and processes regarding technology translation. We will streamline the Rice IP/ patenting process. We will create an external advisory board focused on technology transfer and academic entrepreneurship to support the Rice Office of Technology Transfer.

Objective 3.4

We will create an office of engineering outreach and engagement to work closely with other efforts on campus and ensure best practices for diversity, equity and inclusion. We will create structured programs for enhancing recruitment and retention of diverse students and faculty.

Objective 3.5

We will dramatically enhance our efforts in marketing and communication to ensure that we are highlighting our excellence and impact to prospective students, faculty and alumni. We will expand school-level awards to reward faculty accomplishments in teaching, research and service, identify external award opportunities and develop a system for regular identification and nomination of faculty and students for national awards.