Logo Lockups

The Rice logo lockup system was designed to provide a variety of ways to create branding for the university, school and departments. The lockups cover a range from formal to casual with various styles and colors that allow for appropriate use in varying scenarios.

The logo lockup files are available for download from Rice Public Affairs via Box. The files — we recommend using the .PNG type — are organized into separate folders by school and department based on the following:

  • Style: Formal and Informal
  • Orientation: Horizontal and Stacked
  • Color: Full color, Black, and White
  • File type: PNG, JPG and others

Below you will find examples representing those various styles and variations to help you as you navigate through the folders and files for the lockup logos:

Styles & Variations

Formal & Informal

Formal, School

Formal Rice Engineering Lockup

Formal, Department

Formal Computer Science Lockup

Informal, School

Informal Rice Engineering Lockup

Informal, Department

Informal Computer Science Lockup

Casual, School

Casual Rice Engineering lockup

Casual, Department

Casual Computer Science Lockup

Horizontal & Stacked


Horizontal CHBE lockup


Stacked CHBE lockup


Full color

Color Statistics lockup


Black Statistics Lockup


White Statistics lockup

Download the Lockups

School of Engineering Lockups

Department Lockups

Bioengineering Formal Informal Casual
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Formal Informal Casual
Civil and Environmental Engineering Formal Informal Casual
Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research Formal Informal Casual
Computer Science Formal Informal Casual
Electrical and Computer Engineering Formal Informal Casual
Materials Science & NanoEngineering Formal Informal Casual
Mechanical Engineering Formal Informal Casual
Statistics Formal Informal Casual