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Undergraduate Research

Research opportunities abound    
One of the great things about engineering at Rice is the ease with which undergraduates can get involved in research. And we're not talking about washing out beakers and other types of menial labor, but playing a meaningful role in the research efforts of our faculty. More than 60 percent of Rice engineering undergraduates have a research experience by the time they graduate.

More than anything, the experience of conducting original research and being part of a cutting-edge research team gives you the opportunity to learn about the process of research, to develop skills for collaboration, and to study topics at a depth that cannot be approached in the classroom. It can also help you to decide if you want to go to graduate school or join the work force after graduation.

Just ask! 
Engineering faculty are often looking for undergraduates to help with research projects. The best way to find a position (some are for pay, some for class credit), is to get to know your professors. Most engineering classes are small enough so that this does not pose a big challenge. If there's a faculty member you'd like to work with, or whose research you find interesting, talk to that professor, go to their web page and find out more about their research. Remember, the best way to find a good match is to talk to the faculty member whose work you find interesting.

Watch videos of students talking about their research experiences:

BioengineeringSmall-diameter vascular graft for bypass patients
Alicia Allen, Senior 2008-09 
CompengineeringElectronic voting system advancement
George Mastrogiannis, Sophomore 2007-08 and Kevin Montrose, Junior 2007-08

DaneConstraint-induced movement therapy for stroke patients
Dane Powell, Senior 2007-08            more...
KristinaRanking Decision Theory for Retrofitting Bridges
Kristen Danneman, Senior 2007-08

JesseModeling and analysis of networks of strings
Jesse Chan, Senior 2007-08

The Brown Undergraduate Research Internship Program
Each semester, the School of Engineering provides funds to a limited number of faculty who wish to employ engineering undergraduates in their research projects. Summer internships provide full time employment for approximately 10 weeks. Faculty members must request the internships and provide matching funds from research grants or other sources; speak with the faculty member with whom you would like to work to see if she or he has funding available and will submit an internship request on your behalf.

At the end of each semester, students whose research work is supported by the Brown Fund must submit a report on their experience. Here are some recent reports:

The effects of hypoxia on heart valve cells' production of extracellular matrices by Steve Xu, senior 2008-09

Real dynamic rhythmic task to validate input frequency as a task independent measure of performance by David Myer, senior 2008-09