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Sahoo wins first place in IEEE Paper Contest


Abhipray Sahoo, a sophomore electrical and computer engineering major, took first place for the South Area in the Region 5 IEEE Student Paper Contest. The win comes with an all-expenses-paid trip to the IEEE Region 5 Conference in April, where he’ll present this research and receive a cash prize.

Sahoo’s paper was about characterizing E-Textile antennas (also known as fabric antennas) in WiFi systems. 

“Fabric antennas are flexible antennas that can be patched into clothing and as a result have many applications in military uniforms for radio communications, astronaut space suits and space rovers,” he explained. “My research involved testing the performance of fabric antennas provided by NASA and the paper presents those positive results.”

A native of Qatar, Sahoo chose  Rice for its strong engineering program, as well as the University’s focus on research. The paper resulted from research he conducted in the lab of Ashutosh Sabharwal, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Sahoo says he was also guided by graduate students Evan Everett and Jingwen Bai. Sahoo was also part of the team that built the “Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Lab” MOOC on Coursera with Don Johnson, the J.S. Abercrombie professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering. Another of his research projects is  the “Hospital in a Toilet,” a urinalysis device that can be embedded in home toilets for regular health monitoring, which he began in ELEC 419: Mobile Health Innovation, taught by Sabharwal and Ashok Veeraraghavan, assistant professor or computer science. . This summer, he’ll intern at HBK Capital Management in Dallas, where he will be doing software development and quantitative research.

He said his experience at Rice has been instrumental in helping him develop as an engineer.

“Rice, because of its small size and undergraduate focus, provides all the resources a budding engineer could dream of—very knowledgeable faculty, state-of-the-art engineering equipment, and fantastic fellow students to work with!” 

Holly Beretto, Engineering Communications