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Undergraduate Student Life

Student Life: Changing the metabolism of cancer cells

Delisa Samoye does research on cancer cells but her ultimate goal is to work for an energy company. That's what you can do with a degree in chemical engineering from Rice!

Student Life: Doing research to help othersElectrical engineering major, Isabella Gonzalez finds that research efforts pay off in many ways.

Student Life: Engineer ages Pokeman characterMichael Groth's YouTube video about a Pokeman character hit 2 million views, and spawned a whole new channel
Student Life: Engineers Lead the WayFrom student government to college life to sports, engineers at Rice lead the way.

Student Life: Innovative Classes

ENGI 315 challenges students to cross disciplines when approaching engineering problems, and this leads to interesting discussions.

Student Profile: Allison GarzaAllison Garza gives her father a lot of credit for her drive, energy and ambition.

Student Profile: Arthur CaoArthur Cao, a civil engineering major, wants to build something that lasts a long time.
Student Profile: David HowardDavid Howard saw a problem and devised a solution, just as any engineer would!

Student Profile: Duncan EddyDuncan Eddy may have grad school in his future but his drive is fueled by space aspirations.
Student Profile: HrothgarHrothgar is drawn to teaching and research but also passionate about design.

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