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MEMS Annual Advisory Board Meeting and Dinner
May 10, 2012


Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Rice University
6100 Main St
Houston, Texas

The eighth MEMS Advisory Board meeting for the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS. The MEMS Department Advisory Board Meeting is held each year to discuss the following: • Aspects about the department’s accreditation in compliance with ABET • Focused discussions on undergraduate education and research and internship opportunities • Discussion of the MEMS departmental plan • Concerns with space use and availability • Research in MEMS and current research initiatives • Other topics The MEMS Annual Advisory Board Meeting is a one day meeting followed by dinner. Board members can suggest topics for board meetings including lab tours and visitation with key people. We expect that having a Board will help in the following ways: • Program enhancement • Provide important insight for ABET purposes • Heightened visibility with the Dean, Provost, and President • Provider closer collaboration with industry and other academic institutions • Move MEMS to a Top Twenty department It has been the goal of the Department Chair (Dr. Meade) to advance the visibility of the department and it is expected that our board can significantly help in this regard.