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Why Study Computational Science and Engineering?

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is a discipline that uses mathematical and statistical modeling and computer simulation to solve complex problems in engineering, business, public policy and in fact, in any realm of human endeavor today.  It brings together the knowledge and techniques to meet the challenges of multi-scale modeling of natural phenomena and of engineered systems.

Taking advantage of recent breakthroughs in computer architecture and high-performance computing, CSE has become the third mode of discovery, alongside theory and experimentation, in the advancement of scientific knowledge and engineering practice.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, in interviews with academic experts, business analysts and economic forecasters has identified CSE as one of top five emerging areas of study.

A federal advisory committee report notes that “Computational science is indispensable for solving complex problems in every sector from traditional science and engineering domains to such key areas as national security, homeland security and public health.”

We invite you to learn to use these tools and methodologies to succeed in your day-to-day work, to prepare for the future and to contribute to the betterment of humanity.