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Engineering Minors

Engineering Minors

Rice offers a variety of undergraduate minors. The following programs have significant components in the School of Engineering.

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Computational and Applied Mathematics
The departmental minor in Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAAM) develops a range of skills in mathematical modeling, analysis, and scientific computing that complement any major in science, engineering, and economics.

Minor advisor: Illya Hicks (illya.hicks@rice.edu)

Energy and Water Sustainability
Sustainability encompasses an approach to design and decision-making that takes into account the economic, social and environmental implications of human activities. This interdisciplinary minor studies the design of safe, secure, sustainable energy and water resources.

Minor Advisor: Jim Blackburn (jbb@blackburncarter.com

Financial Computation and Modeling
The interdisciplinary minor in Financial Computation and Modeling (FCAM) equips students with the quantitative techniques necessary to analyze and predict the movements of markets and economies, an excellent preparation for a career in the financial sector.

Minor Advisor: Katherine Ensor (ensor@rice.edu)

Global Health Technologies
The minor in Global Health Technologies (GLHT) offers a unique, multidisciplinary program to educate and train students to reach beyond traditional disciplinary and geographic boundaries to understand, address and solve global health disparities.

Minor Advisor: Veronica Leautaud Suderland (veronica.leautaud.suderland@rice.edu)

In the modern information age, the ability to understand and process data from a variety of sources is critical in every area of human inquiry. The minor in statistics is designed to complement a student's primary area of study. Two tracks are offered: Track A is designed for students with strong mathematical and computational interests; Track B develops a broad understanding of and appreciation for the correct use of statistical methodologies.

Minor Advisor: Rudy Guerra (rguerra@rice.edu)

The departmental minor in Mathematics develops specific analytical problem-solving skills, as well as a logical perspective that is valuable in many science and engineering disciplines.

Minor advisors:
Tim Cochran (cochran@rice.edu)
Frank Jones (fjones@rice.edu)
Andy Putman (andyp@rice.edu)

The minor in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program, designed to help students explore methodologies to investigate th human mind and brain, and the relation between them. Classes are offered through the departments of biochemistry and cell biology, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, linguistics and psychology, as well as the Department of Neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine and the Department of Neurobiology at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. 

Minor Advisors:
James McNew (mcnew@rice.edu)
Behnaam Aazhang (aaz@rice.edu)
Simon Fischer-Baum (simon.j.fischer-baum@rice.edu)