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Teaching Assistant Workshop

Fall TA Workshops

Each fall, just before classes begin, the School of Engineering sponsors a one-day workshop that first-time teaching assistants whose teaching is funded by the dean's office are required to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet TAs in other departments and enjoy a lively, hands-on training experience.

Outstanding faculty and seasoned teaching assistants offer short presentations and exercises to help prepare TAs for their diverse roles in courses and labs and the challenge of teaching engineering undergraduates at Rice. The workshop is designed so that graduate students completing the workshop will be able to:

  • identify individual learning styles and use them to help students become more effective learners,
  • identify some assessment methods that improve learning and teaching in engineering courses,
  • understand and apply some techniques for teaching mathematics,
  • practice some basic skills required for oral presentations that engage the audience, and
  • know what they are pledged to do, if they think a student might be violating the honor code.

Eligible graduate students will be identified by their departments. If you are specifically funded to work as a TA by the dean's office, and this is the first semester you have taught at Rice, you may wish to check with your department administrator to see if you are eligible, or contact Janice Bordeaux in the the dean's office at: jbordeau@rice.edu.

Sample documents from past TA workshops
Index of Learning and Teaching Styles Questionnaire
Learning and Teaching Practices
Memorable Lectures
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