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Rice Engineers: Learning to Lead

wong_rocks_01Rice engineering students go on to do great things. They are leaders in their professions, whatever they may be. Former students have gone on to start large engineering firms, lead major energy companies, become venture capitalists and leaders in engineering education. They work for NGOs in conflict areas and in labs that study major diseases. They are intellectual property lawyers, musicians, and makers of musical instruments. And what do they have in common? They all use approaches to problem solving, knowledge of engineering fundamentals and the desire to make the world a better place, in whatever field they practice.

As an engineering student at Rice, you will meet some of the smartest people you’ll ever know and you’ll become friends for life with some of them. The culture at Rice encourages teamwork and collaboration, not competition with your classmates. Study groups seem to spring up spontaneously out of challenging assignments. Hard work is more fun and rewarding if it’s shared. And you’ll get to know your professors on a level that’s just not possible at many other schools. Our faculty are in the classrooms teaching at the same time they are leading groundbreaking research efforts, efforts you can be a part of.

Engineering at Rice is challenging, exciting, and it can be life changing. Read more in these pages and explore the pages of our nine departments:

Read about undergraduate research, design and international opportunities for engineers at Rice.